Red Hill Archery

Traditional Archery & Bow-Making Courses

About Red Hill Archery

For the love of wooden bows.  Red Hill Archery exists to bring the ancient art of bow-making into the modern world, so we might shoot a bow as our ancestors did.

Bow-Making Courses

Courses designed to teach the empowering art of wooden bow-making to the absolute beginner.  Feel the satisfaction of hitting the target with a bow made by your own hands.

Bows & Arrows

There is a spirit that lives in traditional archery that is more than nailing a target or tagging game.  It is olde-tyme woodcraft that connects us to our ancestors who met nature on level ground. 

Classes & Workshops

Private Group Events

Modified courses are available to accommodate larger numbers of participants, your own location, schedule, family, friends, or organization.


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Arrow-Making Workshop

Learn to make the highest quality arrows with natural materials.  Bring self-sufficiency into your archery practice.  Never buy an arrow again.


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Bowstring-Making Workshop  

Endless Loop or Flemish Twist.  These styles of string have stood the test of time.


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Available upon request & by appointment only.

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